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Fresh Gourmet Coffee & Tea

Directly From Our House To Yours!

At Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co., we take pride in our mission to offer more than just a tasty beverage - we aim to provide an unforgettable experience with every sip. We believe that coffee and tea are not just drinks, but an essential part of our daily lives. That is why we are committed to sourcing the best coffee beans and tea leaves from all over the world, carefully selecting only those of the highest quality. Our quality gourmet coffee beans and tea leaves are hand-picked by farmers throughout the world, from the lower slopes of Kilimanjaro in Africa to the high peaks of Oaxaca, Mexico.


Our dedicated team of experts works closely with farmers to ensure that only the best coffee beans and tea leaves are harvested, roasted, and packaged for our customers. From the moment the beans are harvested to the moment the tea leaves are packaged, our team takes every step necessary to maintain their quality and freshness.



At Brickhouse Gourmet Coffee & Tea Co., we know how important that first cup of coffee or tea is to start your day. That's why we guarantee that the freshness and quality of our products are maintained throughout the entire process, from the sourcing of the beans and leaves to their delivery to your doorstep. We are passionate about providing you with an exceptional coffee and tea experience that you will cherish and remember with every sip.

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I've had the coffee and tea from Brickhouse. I loved my experience with both. My favorite is the blue eye and cranberry apple tea. When cooled down the both taste like juice. You definitely could give it to kids.but you probably wont because its sooo good

L. McAree

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